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I'm going on an American roadtrip!

I want to find the common ground that links and unites us across state lines, between coasts, over mountain passes, and around river bends, by asking the question: What sounds like America to you?

Music remembers place and time, home and history. And music echoes the shared moments of our American lives - lullabies and love songs; ballads and blues; summer-days and lonely-nights songs; leaving-home and coming-home songs.

Music connects us.

Join me in building a playlist that sounds like America, full of the music that tells our American stories, big and small, joyful and sad, beautiful and messy, noisy and quiet - all the ways we are. 

xox - Lara

WHAT Sounds like America to you?

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Guest Spotlight

What sounds like America to tenor Matthew Polenzani:


My top choice would be American Pie, by Don McLean. Great song, written in a quintessential American rock style, by a quintessential American artist. The song is about the plane crash that claimed the lives of three famous rock musicians, during rock and roll’s early years. Rock and roll is one of America’s gifts to music, making this song important in its style, and in its substance. Beyond that, there are plenty of images of Americana in the song, and when I hear it, I can’t help but think about the greatness of the gift of rock and roll not just from Don McLean and the three artists who died on the day he’s singing about, but also all the others who helped give birth to and nurture this incredible genre of music.



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America Again, a collection of American music inspired by Langston Hughes's poem Let America Be America Again. Lara mines the traditions of the concert hall, the American Songbook, jazz, ragtime, and folk ballads to capture the essence of the American dream and the American struggle. 

This music is a tribute to the generations of Americans who dream the impossible: black and white, men and women, immigrants and pioneers.